iPad vs Android Tablets - What to know...

With Apple owning the market worldwide
Android tablets are now becoming another every household gadget


Android having no real limits on their hardware choices or set device list's giving the consumer plenty of choice and freedom both in cost + features...






Email Spam higher than ever...

Recent studies and statistics
Show that email spam and virus's are at a all time high.

Most PC and MAC Users are unaware when there machines have been infected, And are sending out thousands of "Junk" emails per month...





Monitor Prices just keep falling!

With the recent 5 year boom in LCD Technology


Costs are coming down while features and power savings are going up! 5 Years ago when a LCD not lasting 5+ years was common and Plasma was all still the rage, LED LCD Technology came in,. Bringing Heat and Power Use down, And Longetivity and picture quality up, LCD's just are slamming the market.




About PC FIX-IT Briefly

PC FIX-IT, The IT Guru's and Customer support specialist's strive in Customer satisfaction, Cost savings and Productivity Boosting ideas and technologies

Five years ago - A small part time job.


Today - A striving Small Business with new customers coming on board regularly.

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